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Our Technical & Clinical Specialties

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Electronic Medical Records

Our experts have deep front-end and back-end experience building clinician documentation workflows and configuring aspects for how information is stored and retrieved across many major EMR vendors

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Audit Trails

Certified electronic medical record systems provide tamper-resistant tools to enable a skilled forensic expert to audit patient records and system logs to produce a complete history or all access, documentation entries, medication and provider orders, and clinical decision support (CDS) patient safety alerts

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Digital Forensics

Our team of data analysts and clinical informaticists can examine and analyze large volumes of structured data to discover patterns of policy noncompliance or fraudulent behaviors

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Data Retrieval

Our business intelligence experts understand the the intricacies of healthcare databases and can write queries to extract valuable metadata beyond what is provided in typical legal medical record documents

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Clinical Informatics

Our board certified clinical informatics specialists have years of experience with implementation, optimization, maintenance and reporting measures of electronic medical records and clinical applications and served in leadership, strategic, change management and financial planning roles within health systems and IT consultancy

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Nursing Specialties

Our team of nurse experts can provide expert clinical insights and technology utilization from the bedside across practices settings and specialties such as adult and pediatric intensive care, emergency, surgery, case management and more

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Documentation Workflows

The pressure of providing high quality care in complex, time-sensitive environments often leads to providers taking shortcuts or inventing workarounds when it comes to patient chart documentation. Our team can evaluate user education to determine whether your case involves provider negligence.

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Policy & Procedures

Hospitals and provider offices establish written guidelines for use of healthcare IT systems by their staff to govern expected behaviors, which can provide case insights or identify negligent perpetrators


Our Client Process

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Through our initial free case consultation meeting, we will analyze your case and ensure our experts can play an integral role for your case success

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Share your case materials and patient records safely and securely with our experts using private Dropbox folders throughout the engagement

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We will focus our expertise on targeted aspects of the legal medical record and metadata that can strengthen your case

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We will deliver a wide array legal support services to help you win your case


What We Do To Help You Win

Chat iconInitial Case Consultation

Discuss pertinent case details, consider discovery requests and explore strategic actions

Notedown iconMedical Record Review

Examine the evidence obtained and provide verbal or written opinions with expert clinical and technology insights

Brain learning iconClient Education

Impart an understanding of electronic health records, what data exists, what to request, how to request it and when to request it

Case Strategy iconCase Strategy

Identify the key information that underpins your theories and recommend actions to strengthen your case

Research iconResearch

Review and analyze data file extracts, affidavits, deposition transcripts, expert disclosures and more

Timeline iconTimelines

Interpret and organized disparate data to reconstruct critical events of your case from the unbiased perspective of the electronic legal medical record and audit trail tools

Discovery iconDiscovery Requests

Advise on language use, opine on validity of defendant responses, and provide written detailed requests that can disarm defense positions

Affidavit iconAffidavits

Compose expert statements from analysts with credentials from the most common electronic medical record vendors

In-House Advisory iconIn-House Advisory

Ad hoc support for quick case questions and additional case work for open cases or evaluate new cases for merit from a health data perspective so you can prioritize your time and resources

Expert Witness iconExpert Witness Locating

Efficiently search, screen and recommend clinical and technical expert witnesses if we don’t have the exact qualifications that your case requires

Deposition iconDepositions

Client preparation including questions, frameworks, education as well as live support virtually or onsite

Testimony iconTestimonies

Qualified professionals with specialized knowledge, skill, training and experience to provide expert witness testimony in trial appearances

Evidence Presentation iconEvidence Presentations

Create clear visual digital or physical exhibits including health information system maps, process diagrams, case timelines and more

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