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  1. We possess in-depth technical knowledge and specialized skills to give you the winning edge
  2. We maintain certifications from top EHR vendors and are active analysts, builders and consultants in their client systems
  3. We educate our clients on healthcare technology in order to form the best case strategies
  4. We know what information exists, what to to request and even how to locate it within defendant EHR systems
  5. We can inform you on pertinent case information not included in standard legal medical record documents
  6. We can uncover skipped, ignored or dismissed clinical decision support alerts such as medication or allergy interactions as well as other patient safety concerns
  7. We can detect cyber crimes including inappropriate access to patient records, alteration of medical records, and falsification of documentation
  8. We focus on the facts of the claim and uncover the evidence you need to strengthen your case

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Debating a case theory or stuck on a critical decision point? Our extensive understanding and technical knowledge of electronic medical record systems will help you unravel the complex nature of digital health data and increase the speed and efficiency at which you build a winning case!

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