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Clinical Informatics

Our board certified clinical informatics specialists have years of experience with implementation, optimization, maintenance and reporting measures of electronic medical records and clinical applications and served in leadership, strategic, change management and financial planning roles within health systems and IT consultancy

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Nursing Specialties

Our team of nurse experts can provide expert clinical insights and technology utilization from the bedside across practices settings and specialties such as adult and pediatric intensive care, emergency, surgery, case management and more

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Documentation Workflows

The pressure of providing high quality care in complex, time-sensitive environments often leads to providers taking shortcuts or inventing workarounds when it comes to patient chart documentation. Our team can evaluate user education to determine whether your case involves provider negligence.

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Policies & Procedures

Hospitals and provider offices establish written guidelines for use of healthcare IT systems by their staff to govern expected behaviors, which can provide case insights or identify negligent perpetrators

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