Outside the Courtroom

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Initial Case Consultation

Discuss pertinent case details, consider discovery requests and explore strategic actions

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Medical Record Review

Examine the evidence obtained and provide verbal or written opinions with expert clinical and technology insights

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Client Education

Impart an understanding of electronic health records, what data exists, what to request, how to request it and when to request it

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Case Strategy

Identify the key information that underpins your theories and recommend actions to strengthen your case

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Review and analyze data file extracts, affidavits, deposition transcripts, expert disclosures and more

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Interpret and organized disparate data to reconstruct critical events of your case from the unbiased perspective of the electronic legal medical record and audit trail tools

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Discovery Requests

Advise on language use, opine on validity of defendant responses, and provide written detailed requests that can disarm defense positions

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Compose expert statements from analysts with credentials from the most common electronic medical record vendors

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In-House Advisory

Ad hoc support for quick case questions and additional case work for open cases or evaluate new cases for merit from a health data perspective so you can prioritize your time and resources

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