Technical Specialties

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Electronic Medical Records

Our experts have deep front-end and back-end experience building clinician documentation workflows and configuring aspects for how information is stored and retrieved across many major EMR vendors

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Audit Trails

Certified electronic medical record systems provide tamper-resistant tools to enable a skilled forensic expert to audit patient records and system logs to produce a complete history or all access, documentation entries, medication and provider orders and clinical decision support (CDS) patient safety alerts

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Digital Forensics

Our team of data analysts and clinical informaticists can examine and analyze large volumes of structured data to discover patterns of policy noncompliance or fraudulent behaviors

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Data Retrieval

Our business intelligence experts understand the the intricacies of healthcare databases and can write queries to extract valuable metadata beyond what is provided in typical legal medical record documents

  • In-depth knowledge of popular electronic medical record software
  • Knowledge of investigative methods to locate specific electronic data (navigating records with analyst profile credentials)
  • Designing and building custom processes to facilitate evidence collection (SQL queries)

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